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We provide the most trustworthy pet advice to improve the quality of life for both you and your pets.

Welcome to PetVet Advice.com, a website where you can find all the essential veterinarian-reviewed and approved information regarding your pet’s diet, housing, health, general care, grooming, and much more.

Do you have any concerns regarding your pet’s health, nutrition, or anything else? Or perhaps you’re a first-time pet owner searching for advice on how to take good care of your fur baby.

Dr. Abdul Basit Javed was disappointed by the inaccurate and misleading information about pets that is readily available online, which instead of helping pet parents and animals made life more difficult for them. As a result, he founded PetVet Advice, where pet owners and animal lovers like you can find the most reliable and vet-approved advice about every aspect of your pet’s life.

We love pets and consider them members of our family. We don’t simply write about pets; we live for them and write from field experience and compassion for all pets.

The information on this website has been meticulously researched and validated by veterinary professionals. We hope you will find our website useful and important as we work to give pet owners relevant and accurate information.